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Forget selfies. What could be more glam than having your own paparazzi?

I'm Samantha Blanchette, and the meaning of my life is taking pictures of you. Think of me as the flash for your bash.

That's because I'm inspired and blown away by those innate moments that make up a life, from the everyday to the milestones. I love to discover and capture the details of people's stories. I also love a good party, so let me tag along with you and your mates at your graduation party, bachelor(ette), family parties at home, and more.

I see the big picture and the overlooked details too, capturing the images that you look back to with fondness. I see my style as conversational photography. We chat while shooting. I get a feeling for you and your crew while we chat and shoot. My sense of humour and my enthusiasm are contagious creating an environment where everyone feels free to be themselves. My eye for style sees what anyone might miss, so you can depend on me capturing the main event as well as the more fleeting undercurrents and expressions.

I was born across the pond in Birmingham, England, then spent my tweens and teens in freezing Winnipeg. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts there then pursued work in still photography in film and television honing my skills for candids. I moved to Toronto in 2001 to work as an assistant and as photographer in analog before the shift to digital. I also managed a beauty spa, a sex shop, worked as a waiter/caterer and learned more about business and management while having the opportunity to meet a diverse range of interesting people.

I love hanging out and taking pictures of kids because they are magical. Their wee souls' of candid honesty and curiosity inspire me. I enjoy all of these occasions, but I'm most in my element when you are in yours! I join the party and create images from the inside out.

My photographs have been published and exhibited in various galleries across Canada. My love of the senses combined with my eye for detail lends itself well to building a comfortable/fun space to create images that will showcase any moment of your life.

I believe that within the ordinary...lies the extraordinary! My passions for the visual arts & observing the wonders of the human condition is what I try to incorporate into every image. Life unfolds/folds within a series of intrinsic micro/macro movements that take us from cradle to grave. The decisive moment of image capture is made between me & you.

“There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment.”

- Henri Cartier-Bresson


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